Educational 3D exploration - Producer, Lead programmer, 2D art and sound

Fully collaborated with Arizona State University's language and culture school, in addition to the complex development of the virtual world for learning elementary Hebrew, this group project included a long research, special game writing combined with the school's syllabus, testing and monitoring of 16 Hebrew students from 3 different class levels, surveys and results reviewing prior to the final version.

project COLOR RED

2D RTS - Producing, Writing, Level Design, Coding, Art and Sound

Expressing one aspect of the Middle East conflict from a mobile designed project, in this game, the player chooses the right position for the AM batteries to deploy based on city size, missile count and intelligence, while engaging the incoming rockets and most important, raising the alarms in the relevant aimed cities. The project includes a complex trajectory coding system for the random rockets, and complicated scoring system based on different inputs.


3D FPS - Producing, Coding, 3D/2D Art and Sound

Tribute to the very first 3D FPS, my first 3D individual project was a complete and exact replica of the first level of the game Wolfenstein 3D (1992). Developing the exact level structure and size proportions, including a remake of all the 2d texture and 3D elements in the level, exact scoring system, same menu, GUI and HUD design and unique sound editing.


2D Puzzle - Lead programmer

Second runner ups for “most fun game” in Phoenix’s 2014 GameJam session. This group (12) project was one of the only games to be completed in less than the 48 hours provided in the session -Full intro, levels, and ending scene, 100% unique 2D art and sound. My main role included the leading of 5 programmers, coordinating with the directors, artists and writers, while managing the merging and technical testing of the results.

Integrity Fun Quiz

3D puzzle - Producing, Writing, Level Design, Coding, Art and Sound

Individual fun game made as the final project of an introductory class as part of the software engineering degree. Taking an existing learned content, and converting it into a fun full operational game with uniquely designed intro, in-game and final scene.


2D action - Producing, Writing, Level Design, Coding, Art and Sound

Inspired from the famous online combat strategy of "Command and Conquer Red Alert" the Tank Rush is my first 2D action game that was fully written, designed, developed and played following basic provided guide lines. In addition to the unique 2D texture editing and animation, the game consists of 4 different enemy types that's varies in their programmed AI.